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Hey Aaron - shoot us an email to and we can look into it!

mattmccoy on Jan. 15th

The new feature in PRIME is AMAZING....cant wait for this Sunday and the flexibility its going to guys rock #loopcommunity#powerinalittlebox

aaronleeds on Oct. 6th

Having some issues lately with some tracks I have created. Once zipped and loaded up in PRIME when I open up the tracks I've created at the bottom right where the BPM's go it says "100%", and where the key is, it says "0 hfstp" but all the other tracks I've purchased through LC show up fine. Anyone else experiencing this?

aaronleeds on Mar. 18th

Hey guys I had to make some tweeks on a track I worked I reloaded the zip file and arrangements. But when I go to open it up in prime it just plays the first 2 seconds of the track

aaronleeds on Jan. 22nd

Click the 'Upload' button at the top of the page and click the Prime icon.

mike on Feb. 7th

If you're going to be seriously making tracks in Ableton, Suite is the way to go... tons of sounds included. You'll love it.

mattmccoy on Sep. 4th