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I need to trade out the song wake My vocalist needs to traspose it to F# and I have the multitrack in C can anyone help me on how to trade it out please I need it by tomorrow morning for the service thanks

danny2930 on Feb. 6th

I purchased your Hands to the Heavens track (which I love), however my singer needs to transpose it to F. Prime will not allow me as you've uploaded it in C. Any way to help with this?

thechurchonstrayer on Feb. 5th

I greatly appreciate your "God of Miracles" track and would totally be up for purchasing "I Surrender All" whenever you get around to it.

davidparkertv on Sep. 8th

Hello Alex, I'm from Brazil can not speak English very well want to buy the Forever Music loop I am not able, can you help me?

juniorfreitaas on Aug. 24th

Hi Alex
Loving your Track of Oxygen by Lincoln Brewster
any chance you could do Live To Praise You by LB also?

anguswoodhead on Jun. 16th

Hey pdocherty,
I submitted a support request to LC, and they sent this back to me:
So sorry about the problem you had with PRIME. I know it can be frustrating when things don't work like they should. I've uploaded a new file for that track to the server. You will need to delete the version from your device (press 'Edit' on the Add Songs dialog box) and then redownload the new track.

Hope that helps!

alex7wilson on Mar. 24th

Hi there. I just got your Anchor in D track and there is click and cues coming through the track side at the beginning and then it goes away but the ambient pad sound is coming through the click channel. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong because my other tracks are working fine in Prime. Please advise if you know ho to fix this. Thanks!

pdocherty on Mar. 23rd

Hi, Alex! I would like to perform the song Hands To The Heavens by Kari Jobe at Church and I am not sure which option I should pick. I don't understand about any of this. Is the split track what I need. I think Kari's key is ok for me at least on this song. Can you help me?

Mary on Mar. 21st