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Hey God bless you Alex is there any chance that you can make the sequence for where I belong by switchfoot? Or where the light shines through?

yonirock on Jun. 3rd

Hey Alex! I purchase your loop for Oceans. The click and cues a little off, the Key is D and is listed under (B), and also the piano is not only piano, the piano and effects/sound should be separated, any chance these can be fixed and downloaded correctly???

cornerstoneespanol on Aug. 19th

hey alex
I purchased your loop for oceans. The click and cues are not lining up with the track. What can i do to fix that? Sounds like its a half beat off

williemay12 on Jun. 17th

hey alex! i purchased your loops Oceans, its stated there in the key of B, but when I play it its actually in the key of D (On PRIME), What I want is to transpose the song to the key of A or G on PRIME but now the max I can do is only Bb ( or G On PRIME) please advice.

screammarxscream on Mar. 25th

Hey Alex, my keyboardist wants to play some of the synth parts you laid down in "Running" LIVE. I have NI Komplete 9 and the instruments that come with Live 9. Do you use keys from those sources? Would you mind sharing the voice info or sending the file to my email? THANKS!

sumset on Jan. 19th

Thanks for the swift reply!

sumset on Jan. 15th

Yeah, I can do that. Wondered if you used a midi project that you could transpose the parts so there isn't a "loss" in the quality.
I'll do the recommended method.

sumset on Jan. 15th

Hey Alex,
I want to purchase your multitrack for "Running" but really need it in "A". If I go ahead and buy the one in "B". could you make me the new one?

sumset on Jan. 15th