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Hey Carrel! Yes, this track is from the This Is Living EP album and the cover talks about it:) Thank you for the good feedback and if you still need break down the bridge I will do it.

AlexSologub on Jul. 5th

Hey Alex, I figured it out. The version you did was the Lecrae version on the Bridge. It would have been helpful to say that in the song notes. But overall you did a good job. Thank you!

synthdude on Jul. 4th

Hey Alex, I just downloaded your version of This Is Living. Great job overall but when the song goes to the Bridge, I'm totally lost. This doesn't follow the chart from Songselect. Can you break down the Bridge for me? Are the first 8 bars just instrumental and then you begin singing? I can't figure out it out. I have a student retreat coming up really fast and I would appreciate it if you can get back with me as soon as possible. Thanks very much!

synthdude on Jul. 4th

You're welcome!

AlexSologub on Jan. 5th

Hey Alex ! Thanks for the quick response !

ColinRiddle on Jan. 5th

Hey Colin! No, it is just a stem for groups of instruments, like pads, synth, drums etc. and not split per parts of the song.

AlexSologub on Jan. 5th

Hey! I have a quick question about The Multi-Track for Sing Your Praises. Is the WAV files split up per instrument per each part of the song (like one WAV file for the chorus, one for verse, etc.)
Thanks !

ColinRiddle on Jan. 2nd