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Hi Andy,
is it possible to get drums in the track at the end of the loop? After the official ending some drums and pads to have a "louder" ending and to have a better switch into the next song. :)

tabeahrzibek on May. 17th

Hey Andy - I purchased your track for Resurrecting by Elevation Worship for the Prime App only and the cues are off from the track. Is there any way you can check that and re-upload? I have tried to remove the downloaded file and re-downloaded it three times to make sure there isn't something going wrong with the download. I love the track, but have a hard time concentrating when the cues are off.

jguthrie on Apr. 11th

Hey Andy - Would love to have your multitrack of death was arrested in Bb. Would that be possible?


jack.thweatt on Mar. 22nd

Hey Andy- love your tracks! I am taking a listen to Death Was Arrested and I was curious as to why the sample has the click and cues in it for the first minute and a half or so and then cuts out. If I purchase the track will that be a problem? Thanks!


tniemann on Feb. 24th

Awesome! Thanks man.

slucerohdc on Feb. 17th

Hey Man, any chance you can build a track for Never Gonna Stop Singing by Jesus Culture?

slucerohdc on Feb. 17th

I bought your "The Way" in B not realizing there was one in A (this was my first purchase from LoopCommunity). In Ableton, when I transposed down a step to A, it all worked well except the Lead Synth ... the overtones (or something) stay in B no matter where I transpose to ... is there anything I can do to remedy it besides buying the one in A?

RDFWorship on Feb. 9th

I was listening to a preview of the song "OH Praise the Name" and the version in C sounds good but I hear some quality loss at the beginning with the strings/pad in the other keys. I have had this this happen when you resample the song in your DAW. Is that I hear going on in this loop as well?

dglsell on Nov. 10th