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C'mon bro $40 for a loop???? Really??? I mean yes the laborer is worthy of his salary but wow $40???? i wish I had the extra money to buy 2 or 3 songs but I don't

omarconexion25 on May. 8th

Hi BJ wanted to drop you a note as say it is good to see you here. We have a Mutual acquaintance. My daughter used to back up Crystal Cameron she mentioned you were helping her with a song. Wanted to get your opinion the Tate Music Group offered my Daughter a recording deal for one CD didn't know if you knew about them. Im a contributor here my tag is tohimalone and so is my website I created a loop for Victors Crown and In Jesus Name. They are here on LC. God bless you brother and it is very nice to see your own work being used for the Glory of God. In the end that is what this is all about. To sine the light of Jesus Christ.

AllGloryToGod on Dec. 15th