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hi, I just updated to latest version on MAC and im not able to log in. I reset the password and tried logging in with my email, still not working.. please help.

Hi David, Yes it is. Just make sure that you also update PRIME to version 4.2.2 in the App Store. Happy looping! -Derek, The LC Team

Derkerr on Oct. 18th on OS 12 and Prime

Is it ok to now update iPads to IOS 12 for Prime?

DBurford posted new topic OS 12 and Prime in Prime on Oct. 17th

Hi Jean, I have not tried this in Live 10 Lite, but in the list of features it says it has "MIDI Clock / sync" and "MIDI Out", so I believe it should work. If you have Live 10...

Can this also be done with the Ableton 10 Lite? The free version? I'm talking about the version the spec in this link: https://...

I'm hopeful that the Loopcommunity crew is making headway on this. I'm super-interested in syncing Pro-Presenter & Lighting lighting cues to the Prime tracks via a midi output option...

sdpuckett added a new song: Fall On Us by Seacoast Worship
Oct. 16th

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So, I just downloaded Prime and one of my friends send me some custom loop tracks via Dropbox for me use this Sunday. I downloaded the file and compressed it but every time I upload a file, it doesn...

Anonymous posted new topic Problem Uploading to Prime in Prime on Jun. 19th

glad you're with us Ben! can't wait to hear your work!

Anonymous on Jun. 17th on New Writer

Ever since I started using loops and running them in Garage Band lol we always ran the click to the left, and most loops that I have used that were borrowed have been on the left as well.

I love Reason 5 there is quiet a bit of a learning curve that comes with it, but seems like the possibilities are endless. Not only can you make your own loops, but its awesome that you can take...

Anonymous on May. 29th on Reason 5?

For our worship team it depends on the song and the structure of the song, most of the time i will cut up the loops in Reason intro/verse/chorus etc... If the song has alot of complicated parts or...

I use a AkaiLPK25 midi keyboard to run ableton