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Hi Brandon,

I bought you "RHODES // DRY" and "RHODES // VERB" because I loved how they sounded in the online sample. Now that I bought them, downloaded them, and brought them into MainStage 3, they sound okay, but they don't have as full of a sound as the demo. Other than having the MainStage 3 software, is there anything else I might be missing, like additional content I need to download?

LeviD on Sep. 9th

Hi Brandon. Really like your loop for 'Here for you'. We generally do it in the Key of G so we can do it without the octave jump (sounds nice with the jump but find it can be awkward for some congregations range wise). Your loop is in C and so is just outside of the transpose range in prime app.

Any chance you could upload a version G?


robshi on Jan. 11th

Hey Brandon, great work! Our band uses a bunch of your loops. That being said, is there any way you could make an extended version of "Shadows" (by David Crowder) to include the rap by Lecrae? Your loop, IMO, is the best one, but no one has that extra part included. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Thanks man!

russmonroe on Apr. 23rd

Hey Brandon,
Any chance you have good software that can lower your version of "Like a Lion" to "Ab"?
I LOVE your keyboard parts and the loops.
BTW, I'm in the Woodlands.

sumset on Feb. 18th

Do you record tracks for churches? Our church is needing the Jared Anderson Song "When the King Comes" for an accompaniment track for a Christmas Play were are doing. We don't need loops just a mp3 accompaniment track. Here's a link to the version we need in E.
Thanks for any thought you may have,
Tina Swinford
Christian Life Center
Herrin, IL

ps3716 on Nov. 8th