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I am having the same problem.... how do I fix it otherwise I'm getting my money back ASAP

oklandrew36 on Apr. 18th

Hi David,

Sorry that you have not been able to get it to work . You need to make sure that the imported patches are set to your MIDI controller correctly. Sometimes when you import a patch, it doesn't do it automatically. That should solve why you are not hearing anything.

My name is David
I am from portugal and I just buyed a patch from your creation, in the loop
The patch is the Piano Organ Layer. And I did everything right with the download but e just dosen't produce any sound, no signal in the channel strips.
I am new at mainstage but I think I did everything right.

I need some help , I payed for something that dosen't work....

David Figueiredo

DavidFigueiredo on Jan. 22nd