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Clay. I am buying your "Did you feel the mountains" but is it possible to get a version in C?

Mdbuckingham on Sep. 9th

Bought the Wake Set (12 patches) but it won't open on my mac? Is there anyway you can help me with this?

chusiro14 on Feb. 11th

Do you record tracks for churches? Our church is needing the Jared Anderson Song "When the King Comes" for an accompaniment track for a Christmas Play were are doing. We don't need loops just a mp3 accompaniment track. Here's a link to the version we need in E.
Thanks for any thought you may have,
Tina Swinford
Christian Life Center
Herrin, IL

ps3716 on Nov. 8th

Hey Clay was wondering if you could produce a track without drums in the "Walls" by Cody Carnes.

Fredliz on Nov. 6th

Clay, great job on Freedom loop track. I was hoping you could help me out. I purchased, but then realized in error that it had drums, and bass, which I already have on sunday. This was my first LC purchase, so I missed this point.

Is it possible to get a multitrack stem provided tome on this loop so I can better mix this for what my team will have on sunday? I'm sorry for the trouble, but it would really help keep things from getting muddy.

g00p3k on Oct. 15th