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Actually, it looks like your loop is at 145 BPM not 144. I tried setting my click to that and it seems to line up with yours perfectly.

daltgreiner on Jul. 30th

Hey man, I did send it a support ticket yesterday, but haven't heard back yet which why I figured I'd reach out to you! I don't have any warping stuff on. I ordered the split/stereo track, so I tried playing the split track in my abelton session and discovered that your click is a tad slower than my abelton 144 BPM. The reason my click is getting off your loop is because it seems to be at a different tempo.

daltgreiner on Jul. 30th

Hey! Are you running this track in Ableton? If so, make sure warping is off. If you still have trouble email You may just need to re-download. If that still doesn't work, just let me know and I will be glad to help! :)

zachbuckner on Jul. 30th