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Got your email. Tried to reply but it just goes to the help desk.

You guys have a problem with being able to communicate with folks to solve technical problems. It's hurting your ability to be effective. I just want to communicate with a real person. Obviously you have my email. When I reply by hitting the reply button, I need to know it's getting to you.

Today I got another notification by someone from your Support Team saying: "We sent you a request in PayPal for refunding the duplicate purchase. Please email me the receipt or a screenshot of it when it has purchased."

Problem? Well, I never made a purchase. I was trying to give back the money that your Team had erroneously sent me too much of.

Only part happy about this is Paypal. They get $3.70 from my account each time these transactions take place. (nice work if you can get it)

Just email me direct with a real email address that I can reply to.

That'd be great!


nlsn on Jan. 13th