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Hey just wanted to say that you for the nice comments. As a musician it means a lot to hear that kind of encouragement.

AllGloryToGod on Mar. 3rd

Hey thanks again for any help towards this. I've been at a wall trying to figure out what to do. Thanks for taking the time to respond bro

Ryano1 on Oct. 16th

Ok cool, yeah it said it was a USB controller and wandered if I could hook it up the same way with camera adapter on ipad. Thanks again for your help bro. I have been wanting to get this issue resolved so bad! (I'll be checking out your loops as well)!

Ryano1 on Oct. 16th

Thanks so much for the response! Ill look into the soft step. Would the Rocktron midi foot control not work?

Ryano1 on Oct. 16th

Hey come join our new Facebook group for Reason

chrisgala567 on Aug. 15th