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What is the tempo change in Waiting here for you and exactly when does it start?

jordy40 on Feb. 1st

sorry Gary*

Passioncincy on Jun. 28th

hey Gray Love your stuff man. i got the Jesus paid it all church on the move one and i cant seem to get it to stay on the click in ableton live. It always gets ahead. would love to have some imput on it bro!

Passioncincy on Jun. 28th

Hey Gary! Your loop for The Stand in D has been so great!
With an update it sounds like the cues are now off a beat or two.

lakesidebc on Feb. 11th

Hey there, I just purchased your loop as well. the cues are off. The "4" should be the "1" if that makes sense. Can you help?

shanebowers7 on Oct. 1st

hey gary,

so i just got the God is able loop you created but im having some issues. the cues and the different tracks are off they cue in in the wrong times and makes some tracks sound off beat like drums and some synths. is there something on my part im doing wrong?


jmadrid01 on Sep. 4th

hola bro me puede ayudar con la cancion take of all me de hillsong muchas gracias

rodrigo777 on Aug. 16th

Bro.. your tracks are the best I have ever heard. sick man.

jeremy.hall.5437923 on Jul. 31st