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Would love if you did - West Angeles Bishop Medley (Lord I Thank You - I'm So Glad That The Lord Saved Me)

abwhite1020 on Sep. 29th

Please someone make Trading my Sorrows by Israel H. Thanks

aperrao23 on Sep. 17th

Please do great god Tasha cobbs

timothytaylor76 on Sep. 7th

Please do Best praise by James Fortune

iPLAYKEYz254 on Aug. 18th

Can you please do a Multitrack for Maranda Willis: Nobody Like you Lord. Please I need one ASAP...Thanks

gmajorflatfive on Jun. 27th

Hey Bro here is the songs I would love to buy on Loop Community....
If you could do these ones that would be awesome!

Jesus is the Only God By: Deborah Moncrief
Lord I Love you By: Eddie Baltrip and Fulfillment
God is Here By: Karen Clark Sheard
Bless the Lord with Me By: Dawin Hobbs
Enter His Gates By: Timothy Winters
Yes Lord (COGIC Anthem)
I am Free Praise the Lord Im Free By: Milton Brunson

robersonparis32 on Jun. 3rd

Marvelous- Walter Hawkins

jaosnh on Sep. 23rd

Lord I love you By: Eddie Baltrip and Fulfillment

Lord Make Me Over By: Tonex

God is Here By Karen Clark Sheard

Bless The Lord with Me By: Dawin Hobbs

Enter His Gates By: Timothy Wright

Let the People Praise By: William Johnson

Bless the Lord Oh My Soul/ He's Worthy By: Judith McAllister

Worship Background Music (Epic Sound)

Background Talking Music

Hallelujah Traditional Hymn

robersonparis32 on Aug. 26th