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Hi Brother your work is fantastic thank you. I will like to work with you in a project. do you have any youtube channel where I can fallow you? there is a son that I think you will do great. Every Praise. Hezekiah Walker

BayLevy on Aug. 3rd

Chris,do you have a chart for Hosanna

CrossroadsCC on Feb. 8th

Bro... These are the dumbest tracks I have ever heard. You just successfully melted my brain at 6AM hahaha!!

stevecrump12 on Oct. 13th

Your arrangements are DOPE. I would love for y'all do to Best Praise - James Fortune

iPLAYKEYz254 on Aug. 18th

Chris you are absolutely my most favorite contributor!!! I have almost all of your arrangements!!!! I'm not done yet lol Keep up the great work man, I'm a huge fan!!! Also whenever you get the chance can you make arrangements for" The Best Days Of My Life by The Potters House Of Denver" That would be a great up for this upcoming event!!

Micahtate11 on May. 24th

Chris, where can I get Another Level intro to Jesus the Same?

Tnut on Mar. 29th

Hey, would it be possible to get a chart for your arrangement of Hosanna? Thanks!

asapp90 on Feb. 16th

Hey bro...for custom tracks...I charge 500

Humblemusically on Dec. 2nd