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Hey bro you think you can make a loop for Rey Vencedor? God bless love your work bought a lot of your tracks specifically

freddycoria on Oct. 7th

Hola Jafet, disculpa no tienes el medley completo de Miel San Marcos No Callare?

lpamedia on Apr. 3rd

hey man!! I'm still waiting for marino multi tracks in mijor mayor key. hopefully you can reply thanks.

dannyherrera89 on Dec. 31st

Great work on Bajo La Nube De Su Gloria. You should upload some of those backing tracks/loops. I play some of those songs at my church.

God bless you brother.

ahuerta775 on Jul. 16th

Yes!!!! Can't wait to get that loop!!

Ryano1 on Oct. 24th

Hey Man ! Could you make God's Great Dance floor in key of D ?

cleoanderson on Oct. 8th

Hello Jafet, I sent an e-mail regarding alive young and free sound. I wish i can have reply from you!! thanks!

whiteskies87 on Aug. 15th

Can you make "Endless Praise" in a lower key?

jeffcartwright on Jul. 21st