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Hello, I need support. I ordered a prime track back in November, but never received a physical copy. Is it only a download?

Laniece on Feb. 19th

Hey Janson, New to all this and can't find an answer to a basic question. Can I export a mix from Prime for use in Pro Presenter? Thanks, Dan

dlshilling on Oct. 16th

Hey David!

Those WAV files that you uploaded to our system are compressed to the 44.1/16 standard for all PRIME tracks. PRIME also encodes them to M4A, which can't be changed. Hope this helps! =)

JansonRoberts on Jul. 10th

Looking for help please - I uploaded high resolution wav files and what came back are low resolution files for play in prime. Is there a way to increase the loops to at least 16 bit 44.1 k resolution or better? - David Sovereign,

DueLyric on Jul. 7th

Hey there!

Sorry no one responded. How can we help?

JansonRoberts on Apr. 24th

Hello Janson, I have emailed the customer service team now twice with no response in a week. Is someone available to respond? Thank you!

psteele2 on Apr. 24th

Hey cgaines,

You can't merge anything with a track you purchased for PRIME, but if you purchased the MultiTrack version to use in desktop computer software (Ableton Live, Logic) you can record and add the BGVs, then export all the stems and re-upload to PRIME as a new song. Hope this helps.

JansonRoberts on Jan. 14th

Hey, Janson!

I appreciate you jumping in on my first question. Here was what I posted - "One thing for me: I have multiple vocalists. We're always performing songs in at least three parts. I NEED to be able to add our backing vocals for stripped down performances where there may only be a couple of us. I'm not seeing that option. Did I miss it?". You said I could record them and then upload to Prime Cloud. That's exactly what I was asking. My next question is can that be merged somehow so that those tracks show up on the over-arcing track?

cgaines on Jan. 14th