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Hey guys. I am new to prime, but I am loving some of the features. I am really needing some answers regarding a split track. I have been uploading my tracks with the ending _split.mp3. For example, Reckless Love (Adjusted)_split.mp3. I know that it's uploading as a split track because everything is panned correctly; custom cues/click left and all music tracks right. However, I am having one major problem. The auto-fade doesn't work with my custom click. When I switch the "generate click dynamically" button on in the settings it works. Is there any way to make my custom click work this same way? The reason I need it to work is because I actually make a "full service loop" for our worship sets which includes all 4 songs in the set. I do this because I add pads between song transitions. The full service loop (as i call it) is one mp3 with all four songs. I hope that makes sense.

On a side note, I love the song transition options on prime, but we (the worship team) love having the pads (which I add to the full service loop) to help with smoother transitions.

Back to the main questions I have. Is it possible to make the auto fade button, not fade out the custom click I make for our tracks? I would have no problem using one of the prime clicks, but I can't use it on the full service loop because we obviously have tempo changes with 4 songs being on one full service loop track. Like I said, I am new to prime, but as far as I can tell, prime does not have a tempo change option within a track. If it did, that would take care of my problem as well. Let me know if there is a way around my problem. Thank you loop community!!

aaronvasquezguitar on May. 9th

Dude thanks for responding! Its seems like every computer i am using has the same issues. I have not yet had the chance to try an ipad... but thats my next step.

ThriveCCAthens on Apr. 25th

Hey Jason! I’d say it’s best to reach out to the Loop Community team for support. They’ll know exactly what’s up! :-)

If it were me, I’d see if another computer running tracks gives you the same issue. (Running from an interface or headphone jack, running Ableton or Prime, etc.)

JansonRoberts on Apr. 25th

Hello Sir! We are having issues with our tracks skipping and having short delays. We are running our tracks from a Macbook Pro. Is there a preferred computer we should use for maximum performance?

Pastor Jason

ThriveCCAthens on Apr. 25th

Hello, I need support. I ordered a prime track back in November, but never received a physical copy. Is it only a download?

Laniece on Feb. 19th

Hey Janson, New to all this and can't find an answer to a basic question. Can I export a mix from Prime for use in Pro Presenter? Thanks, Dan

dlshilling on Oct. 16th

Hey David!

Those WAV files that you uploaded to our system are compressed to the 44.1/16 standard for all PRIME tracks. PRIME also encodes them to M4A, which can't be changed. Hope this helps! =)

JansonRoberts on Jul. 10th

Looking for help please - I uploaded high resolution wav files and what came back are low resolution files for play in prime. Is there a way to increase the loops to at least 16 bit 44.1 k resolution or better? - David Sovereign,

DueLyric on Jul. 7th