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How about “Mighty Good God” by Chicago Mass

Myles on Jul. 15th

Hi. I purchased father Jesus spirit a while back and now my bass track has disappeared. Can you please advise on how to get it back. Thanks

40844451 on Mar. 9th

Hey John, thanks for the great tracks! I made a Spotify Playlist of the tracks you've covered to make listening easier. I put a link to your page in the description.

SouthCity on Mar. 8th

I bought a few of your tracks but when i imported them into ableton they were not in sync as they were wave files without consolidation with white space included and they did not contain an ableton file formate to load. I'm having to figure out where each part goes and I need these fir worship in the morning. Can you provide an ableton file that will load the song in ableton without trying to figure out position of parts... Thanks in advance...

maxviana01 on Feb. 24th

Hi Mike! Awesome track!!!

I'm a worship pastor out in VA! Is there any way to share a chord chart for this? I want to use the loop but might want to try to play along but can't find a chart anywhere. My email is . Any help would be appreciated! Blessings in Him!

livowtloudfs on Feb. 2nd

John Mike - I'm nrmee to the community. I'm over and our praise team. Could please tell me how this works for me to get instrumentals for Sunday. Thank you.

shortney1208 on Jan. 23rd

John Mike - First let me say thank you for all of your contributions. I love your work. I would like to ask if you can do "Victory Belongs to Jesus" by Todd Dulaney, "Nobody Like you Lord" by Maranda Curtis Willis, and "Your Spirit" by Tasha Cobbs all with BGVs.

Annointed2Worship on Jan. 21st

John Mike -can you please email me please.
I’m new to gospel multi tracks and loop community.
I’ve been using it for Sunday morning services but now I am transitioning to DJing turntables because we don’t have musicians for our church yet. So I was wondering is their a way to run A Pioneer DJ DJ controller through iPad or Mac with outputs and control the music or do I have to run it through Ableton? (Which I have no experience with Ableton) I did watch your YouTube on how to pull sounds from music to Ableton but still fuzzy on it. My email is

Paul Holmes
DJ Worship Leader at Ohana Life Church
Honolulu Hawaii

Speaklife79 on Jan. 15th