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Hello John! I JUST purchased the multi-track for "Lord You are Good" by Todd Galberth! I asked if it had BGV's (background vocals). I had a comment that "yes" it does. Well, I just downloaded and see tracks for all the instruments, but no background vocals. Please let me know if I was misguided. Thank you!

rojoe43 on Sep. 1st

Hello John,
This is. Everett Collins from Williamsburg Virginia
I've followed you on YouTube for a few years. I'm minister of music at Faith To Faith Abundant Life Ministries
Williamsburg Va
I've been in the music business for 35 years and a Grammy member. Now new chapter.
What's your website?
Blessings, Everett

everettcollins on Jun. 12th

John, how are you.This is Robert Easter.from Chicago,IL this is my new e-mail address hit me on it I have a testimony to tell you.

reaster on Apr. 17th