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Hi Judd, would you happen to have any tracks for Solid Rock by City Harmonic? Thanks!

TatianavonRassler on Jun. 14th

Hey, Judd, I'd love to use your tracks for a recording we have coming up. Specifically the song you created 'Nailed to the Cross.' Could I acquire a master license from you for that song? Let me know if you think that's possible! THANKS!

nbantle on Aug. 18th

Brett! I think I saw something about you moving to Indiana. Yeah I'm a contributor to loopcommunity. I'm working on a loop right now actually. Good to hear from you.

juddmoss on Jun. 16th

Judd! Did you hear that I've moved to Indiana? Didn't realize you were a contributor to loop community!! This is brett king, btw. Hope you are well my friend!

cbrettking on Jun. 16th