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Hey sumset! Thanks for the purchase, we LOVE this arrangement at Metro Church :-) Re: the lead sound - it was a happy accident. I was tinkering with an electric piano with a cabinet effect, pretty sure it was a uh-he free one, maybe Zebralette? It's then put through a shimmer / diffusion type delay, Replika in this case. There may also be a normal ping delay on there set pretty wet. Let me try and dig out the original set - but an amped up Rhodes with a shimmer delay will get you 80% there :-)

Makro99 on Aug. 23rd

Sorry... I purchased your arrangement of "From the Inside Out"

sumset on Aug. 23rd

Matt- What is that sick Tycho sounding lead synth (Lead2) in your mix?!!!
I run Komplete and Maschine and a bunch of bundles from some different companies.
Would love to use that patch live!

sumset on Aug. 23rd