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Hey Marques I love you work! Could you do "I am a Winner" by Jekayln Carr. We just purchased your "Its Yours"

JordanKeyz on May. 18th

Love your work

1pastorhunter on Dec. 7th

Bless you Marques Murrey could you do There's no God like Jehovah by Donnie McClurkin? I would like to do this song for our church. Thanks for all your hard work!

brathaJoe on Nov. 19th

Love your tracks - use them all the time at church. Could you possibly do West Angeles COGIC Bishop’s Medley?

abwhite1020 on Oct. 11th

Any news of when Glory will be ready

leveil22 on Oct. 2nd

Do anybody know how do i buy the mp3 instrumental version on loop community ? I use to buy them but it must have changed up....

bryantleblanc on Sep. 19th

I will add that to my list of songs to do when It is live here on the website I will let you know. Thank you for the support!! P.S. I really like Desoto TX Im trying to convince my wife to move ;)

marquesmurrey on Aug. 1st

Marques, your music is spot on. Love the sound and your style of play. There are several songs you have done that our church will be purchasing soon. We are looking for a specific song and did not know if we could pay you to create the track??
Song- Free Indeed by Timothy Reddick

desotofirstchurch on Aug. 1st