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Hey marquesmurrey on "You Are Good" what chord do you do going to the Bridge it sounds sick

ableal23 on Nov. 8th

Can you do Victory Chant (Hail Jesus) PLLLLLLEASEEE!! Donnie Mcclurkins Newest version

Cymien on Sep. 15th

Can you do "Churchy Praying Music" and "Epic Worship Praying Prophetic Music"

robersonparis32 on Aug. 26th

holy one anaysha figueroa

portcaddo on Jun. 30th

Hey Bro is there a way to take that out of the loop track, because it is a major problem going through a system in from of 4000 folks. It sounds like mic feed back in the track. Sound guys are having fit, and I love the track but I need your help on this one bro.


mmumfordmusic on Feb. 20th

Incredible tracks bro, I have purchased about 6 of them. I am having a little trouble with the loop in Friend of God. Im getting a very high pitched sound throughout the entire length of the percussion loop. Can you email me the loop again to

mmumfordmusic on Feb. 17th

Thanks I appreciate it!!!

marquesmurrey on Feb. 2nd