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Hey Matt - wondering if there will be any updates for Prime that will include what the MultiTracks "Playback" App does in terms of transitions between songs? - crossfade or anything like this?

cbrown9940 on Aug. 23rd

It would be great if you or your team would become accessible, and accountable to your customers. Maybe answer a help question at some point. How about a support email that we can ask questions from the creators of this product and software instead of stumble around with others in a community filled with folks just as blind as I am about maybe the simplist of things, such as how to get hi res loops back from Prime after sending hi res files in. I'm just saying. I'm so frustrated right now. I bought your product (Looptimus) in good faith, and hoped your Prime software would help me do what I need to do on stage.

DueLyric on Jul. 12th

On the next update to Prime, is it possible to add a 2/4 time signature to the upload options? Thanks!


Could we have a fill in the blank option on the prime upload assignments? It would make it nice when you have a not so common stem that you need to name and it isn't in the list. If not here are a couple of options to add for for upload assignments:
Lap Steel

Hey Matt! I'm a LONG time member and BIGGEST fan of LC. I have a HUGE library of songs and add weekly! I had to cheat on yall with multitracks though last week to get a new song that wasn't on LC yet (I'm sorry for that) ha. I now need to get it to LC so I can use in Prime (side note- LC is SO much easier process) for an event I am playing at this weekend and in a little panic because I can't get it to work. I can download the song from but on mac its just a folder of mp3 and other random things but no zip file. How do I make that a file that LC will recognize

Ryano1 on Mar. 20th

Hey bro!!!
I'm pulling the trigger on multitracks with the new church I'm at.
Is there an option for my band to rehearse at home with the songs on their own iPads?

notash116 on Feb. 16th

Hello Matt. I am looking for "We've got Joy" by digital age. I found it on other loop sites and couldn't on LC. How come it takes so much longer for new songs to become available on LC. Is there a way you or someone could create one for that song? I will buy! Thanks in advance

Ryano1 on Feb. 1st

We're able to sell charts now? Or is that just for "Joy To The World" since it's a free track?

CoreyScarlett on Dec. 21st