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Hey bro!!!
I'm pulling the trigger on multitracks with the new church I'm at.
Is there an option for my band to rehearse at home with the songs on their own iPads?

notash116 on Feb. 16th

Hello Matt. I am looking for "We've got Joy" by digital age. I found it on other loop sites and couldn't on LC. How come it takes so much longer for new songs to become available on LC. Is there a way you or someone could create one for that song? I will buy! Thanks in advance

Ryano1 on Feb. 1st

We're able to sell charts now? Or is that just for "Joy To The World" since it's a free track?

CoreyScarlett on Dec. 21st

Hey Matt. I am brand new and and tried to upload a garage band track but I don't know how to access it in prime. I believe I imported it in the right format cos it uploaded. where could it be? lol

rhb2016 on Sep. 3rd

Hello MAtt, blessings... you leave a message in your inbox facebook, greetings from Bogota - Colombia

DieguitoGarzon2017 on Sep. 2nd

Hello Matt, please explain to me how sound park work......

starjeremie on Jun. 23rd

Hey matt I'm still having problems of how to upload my own song from my iPad to my loop community account, if you can send me and instruction of how to upload songs from GarageBand in the iPad to our site

Verotash14 on May. 29th

I tried purchasing the Shine Worship Pad, but when I click nothing seems to happen. Is that maybe a bug?

jupebox on Apr. 30th