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Matt is sent another support ticket in two weeks ago and didn't get a response. #594969 I assume it got bounced again? How can I fix that?

My questions were this
I have a few accounts for some reason. How can I get them all into one

Only 2 things I have downloaded from LC show up in my prime. How can I get the. All to show up?

Shaunhollenbach on Feb. 22nd

order was 116437
Support ticket 852397
My email is

Thanks for looking into it! Very much appreciate it!

PastorShaun.H on Feb. 11th

Matt, I had a question and I emailed support last week but never got a response. Anyway, I purchased the worship pad set last week only to realize i already downloaded it like a year ago. didn't realize they were the same. Anyway I could exchange it? lol I understand if there is nothing you can do but just wanted to ask. Blessings!

PastorShaun.H on Feb. 10th

Can someone pleeeeeease put a loop together for Jesus loves you by Chris Tomlin? It's off his love ran red album!! I'll be your first customer. :)

Ryano1 on Oct. 23rd

So I can assign the Lodigy (even though it only has 3 buttons) to control the songs in Prime from Ipad? Sorry for question bombs

Ryano1 on Oct. 17th

Thanks for your help bro! You and this site has transformed how we lead! So thankful for the gifts God given people like yourself! Keep it up for HIS glory! Thanks again for EVEYTHING

Ryano1 on Oct. 17th

I have a question I am hoping you can help me with. I LOVE the Looptimus but at this time cannot afford it. I am wandering if there is an alternative cheaper midi foot pedal that I can use to que Prime from Ipad. Trying to be able to lead hands free and have a pedal where I can que the next songs in Prime. Any help would be GREAT! Love you guys big time!

Ryano1 on Oct. 16th

We're having a problem changing keys on loops in Ableton. I watched your youtube video on this and we are doing the same things. However, we are ending up with distortion in the house. Any suggestions? We are using a scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface. Any help would be great!

riverscrossing on Oct. 9th