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In your comment I see it says that CowetaWorship uploaded Fill This Place to Prime. Is there anyway to access that or have it share publically?

darinbrannon on Feb. 18th

Can you tell me what avenue you used to get in contact with Red Rocks Worship? I am trying to get the Multitrack to "Fill This Place" as well.

andrewdshafer on Jun. 15th


I didn't create this track, so I can't sell it. You might try reaching out to Red Rocks Church and ask them. That's what I did and they just shared it with me!

mikewatson on Sep. 22nd

CowetaWorship uploaded Fill This Place by Red Rocks Worship to Prime
Aug. 13th

Is there anyway i can listen to this track - I would possibly like to buy it.


John Sommer

johnsommer on Sep. 16th


Yes there should be all that is listed on the track here on LC. I would contact LC support to see if they can resolve the issue. That sounds like a site issue here on LC. If you don't get a quick answer, just let me know and I'll email you all the stems!

zachbuckner on Jun. 9th

70.5 BPM on the last verse.

garysexton on Mar. 2nd

Hey Mike,

Email me and I'll see what I can do about the Glorious Ruins loop in C.

garysexton on Nov. 18th

Hey man, Sorry for the late reply but i just saw this, No this patch only uses mainstage plug-ins!

AbdyGuevara on Apr. 2nd