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Hey Misty, Thank you so much for your offer regarding click tracks. My problem is not with the click tracks built-in to the prime app. They work great and the sound is exactly what I like. It's when I purchase a split track to use in prime there is no way to change the tone of the click track the creator has put into the split track. I like the simplicity of using prime but that is one of the downfalls not being able to edit tracks. You get what you get other than being able to change the key and altering the BPM. Blessings! thanks again.

joshpool on Jul. 19th

Just posted something I think will be helpful - 8 different pad sounds I designed form scratch in Ableton, loops of each pad in every major key that range from 2-4 minutes. These are all mp3s. If you need a chill outro or something for an invitation, this will be perfect and won’t sound “looped.”

mistyjones on Jul. 17th

Hey guys! All of my presets are for Ableton, except the ones with "wav" in the titles!

mistyjones on Jul. 16th