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Hi Danielte, either you need to use the Prime iPad app to customize the mix during playback, or you need to buy the multitrack version.

mjaldridge7 on Nov. 11th

Sorry to bother you again, but I was not able to cut the lead guitar and the backup vocals out from the split track(the one with $9,99) so that means that I should buy the multitrack version?
Or you can cut them for me? Just the lead guitar and the voice.

danielte on Nov. 9th

Hi Danielte, yes you can. Check out loop community's prime on the iPad, garage band or ableton. Any audio software will be able to remix the trax.

mjaldridge7 on Nov. 8th

Hey Matthew, i want to know if i can take the lead guitar out from the split track, if yes, what software can i use?

danielte on Nov. 8th

Sorry, I meant to say "#LetsGo" and not "Nobody Like You"

proxyloops on Oct. 29th

Hey Matthew. I just bought your track of "nobody Like You" (Planet shakers). Instrumentation is GREAT. However, the CUES are really confusing.
Example: It'll cue "verse" on beat 1 which is perfectly normal. But, then it counts out the beats incorrectly. It'll count "1" when it's actually beat 2, "2" when it's actually beat "3", etc. Is there anyway that this can be fixed?

proxyloops on Oct. 29th

;quero compra os multi tracks como

paulo32 on Oct. 7th

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