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Brother would you do Dorinda Clark Cole so many times, and nobody but god

kterry425 on Jul. 17th

Brother would you do Lord of all by J.J Hairston? I have been looking for does tracks for the worship at my church. thank you God bless you

BayLevy on Jun. 30th

How can find " jesus will "

Britt on Jun. 23rd

What's up my brother. I recently purchased your Fantasia, "I Made It" track. I've never purchased a track like this and am unable to play the track as a whole. It only lets me play the individual files.

RashaadLIVE on Apr. 25th

Doc these tracks have been a blessing to my church thanks doc

terry_1979 on Sep. 25th

Bro can you make a shout bump in A

terry_1979 on Sep. 25th

Brian, can you make a track for I Am (miracle) by Anthony Brown?

desotofirstchurch on Mar. 21st

Brian love your tracks! Can you do Free Indeed by Timothy Reddick thanks God bless

joriawest on Sep. 11th