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Doc these tracks have been a blessing to my church thanks doc

terry_1979 on Sep. 25th

Bro can you make a shout bump in A

terry_1979 on Sep. 25th

Brian, can you make a track for I Am (miracle) by Anthony Brown?

desotofirstchurch on Mar. 21st

Brian love your tracks! Can you do Free Indeed by Timothy Reddick thanks God bless

joriawest on Sep. 11th

How do I download the songs that I purchase onto my iPhone6plus s

Dancejmar on Sep. 2nd

Can you do "Churchy Praying Music" and "Epic Worship Praying Prophetic Music"

robersonparis32 on Aug. 26th

I appreciate your work and time spent. Can you do Island medley:Turned it around/ Hallelujah Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship ?

Useranonymous85 on Aug. 2nd

Hope you have "I Believe" by Jonathan Nelson

boghdanamoala on Jun. 2nd