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I'm posting this in two places, just in case you don't see it at the other. I just bought your Crowder O For a Thousand Tongues loop. I especially loved the violin stem. Unfortunately the loop that downloaded to PRIME is different than what I'm hearing on the sales page. (Much heavier on the sitar, etc.) Also, there are no cues. Any way I can get the loop that is actually posted (maybe with cues)? I was planning on using it this Sunday, so if there is any way to expedite this, I'd be appreciative! Thanks! Teri

terip98 on Oct. 6th

Hey man, just listened to your Epic Strings sample. Dream Theater is one of my all time favorite bands...brought back a lot of memories! Nice work!

stonehatr1928 on Sep. 9th

Hey Cory! I love your All Creatures mix! I did notice that there is a part 2/3's through the song where the strings cut out abruptly. Any chance of fixing it? Thanks!

lucastayloris on Sep. 4th

Hey Cory, I purchased "Rise" Housefires that you made. Love it! I'm having trouble hearing the click track... Is there anyway you could change it to the standard "woodblock"? I would be forever grateful. :)

joshpool on Jul. 19th

Hey Cory.. I read on BWACKS forum that you had a Christmas in Sarajevo loop from a long time ago.. you still have that? I'm wanting to do that for Christmas Eve this year..

Paulann on Dec. 9th

Thank you! I did finally figure it out in time for the service, but will save your reply for future use.

terip98 on Jul. 27th

Any word on the DUBSTEP version of "The Lord our God" in "Bb"?!!!

sumset on Jul. 16th

Def. the Dubstep version!
"Bb" would be perfect.

sumset on Jul. 7th