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Is it possible that the click track for o holy night is wrong? It seems to be 4/4 and it should be 6/8

oscmedia on Dec. 13th

I reviewed your comment regarding your issues with Unstoppable God. I listened to the track through several monitoring options including computer speakers, headphones, KRK ROKIT 6 Studio monitors, and a large live pa system and have been unable to hear the "distortion" you are referring to nor have I had any previous reports from community members having the issue in the 2 years since it has been posted on Loop Community. I have used this track many times and never had any distortion issues. There is a bass synth that follows every chord change in the bridge section but it does not seem to be creating any distorted sound. Not sure what option you purchased with the track, but I would be more than glad to email you all of the .wav stems for each instrument on the track or the reason project file if that helps at all or if needed I would be glad to contact Loop Community and attempt to have them refund you. In the mean time, please remove your negative comment from the feed on my track. There is no reason to try to harm other community members sales for issues that seem to be with your personal system. Thanks

jeremycox on Mar. 7th