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I was wanting to get the master tracks to In Your City and Your Arrival. I have been wanting to use those songs in the worship service at church.

Cheese4Crackers on Dec. 23rd

Hello, I'm looking to acquire a master license for recording some of your tracks. Can you tell me who I should contact to do that?

nbantle on Aug. 18th

We just bought the track to Glory. Incredible song! Incredible loop. When we purchased it we purchased the master track which says individual files for each instrument. However, when we got the track every single layer of keys if found on one channel which really isn't helpful when you're trying to utilize live players with a loop. Is there anyway we can get that track broken up into synths and keys? PLEASE!!

nbantle on Apr. 13th

Phil is on here???


alex_burleson on Oct. 5th