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I did purchase the Multi Track and it is not there can you please email it to Thank you very much Anthony

shonbrackin on Mar. 8th

Great stuff on Be Thou My Vision, in the details you stated that a chord chart and vocal chart were included. Can you tell me where I may be overlooking these at. Thank you for what great stuff you are putting out

shonbrackin on Mar. 4th

Do you have the multi tracks for Sing Forever by Elevation worship? We want to purchase the tracks but need the piano out, and a bass track if you have it, Thanks!

joshbright4 on Sep. 6th

Hey, Anthony, I'd love to use your tracks for a recording we have coming up. Specifically the song you created 'Made Alive.' Could I acquire a master license from you for that song? Let me know if you think that's possible! THANKS!

nbantle on Aug. 18th

Hey Anthony, I ordered Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed last week, great work! I am not understanding now the click track is working with the rest of the tracks, it seems as if the count is meant for a song in 4/4, but I might just be doing something wrong in Abelton so that it is not synching, can you help?

pvertucci on Mar. 25th

Hey man. Love your loop for Come Awaken Love. What is the guitar sounding bit doing that lead (panned right it sounds) in the choruses? Is that actually an electric guitar? If not, what sound is that?

zzurn on Mar. 13th

I just purchased "At Your Name" in G and it appears as though the chord progression in verse 1 halfway through doesn't match the chart - verse 2 is spot on. Thanks for taking a look.

stephensc on Sep. 24th

hey bro. Nice tracks... Could you create the tracks for Alleluia (live from new york)??

thiagocjcarvalho on Aug. 18th