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can i upgrade my PRIME Cloud storage

JoshGM7 on Aug. 23rd

Yup! Well I use the internal metronome of Ableton or Reason but there are cues in all my tracks

Pichapower on Nov. 26th

Hey Andrew!... Does Lay Me Down have clicks and cues?
Thank you!


Hey man, not sure if you'd have a little time to get those tracks sent over. I'm so sorry that this is so last minute, but I'd love to use them for a set I'm leading with some college peers tomorrow evening. If you have a few minutes to spare and could split up the Reason track in the multitrack pack that'd be perfect. If not, no worries. Thanks dude. You rock!

kaffolder on Apr. 8th

Also, I do not have Reason (about every other DAW). Could you bounce/export your individual Reason tracks?

kaffolder on Apr. 7th

My email: Thanks man!

kaffolder on Apr. 7th

Hey Andrew, would it be possible to get the track labeled 'Reason' on your "Here For You" multitrack split up into multiple parts—i.e. choir, drums/perc, pulsing synth, etc? I purchased the multitrack of this song, but several of the instruments are all bounced to the same track. Any help before this Thursday would be much appreciated. Thanks!

kaffolder on Apr. 7th