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Occasionally i use loops.... if the band are being lazy.
Church: Bethany City Church, Sunderland

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Hi Mike, I have now uploaded the 'stems' as requested in your DM. i'm hoping by 'stems' you mean the multi-trax..... otherwise i've just wasted a few hours.... :-) Rick
i submitted the Zip file... should be there soon.
RickBrock on May. 30th on Loop Requests
Hi Regdarandthefighters, I think the bar was just happy to have people in there on a tuesday night. The Landlord ( a heathen) was happy for the money but the land lady (a catholic) loved the idea of her 'house' being used as a 'God place'. it was an odd relationship we had but nonetheless a good one. We rarely preached from the mic... we let the music do that... and make sure we have conversations in the interval. do christians drink more here???? No, not really, perhaps they do. but the markup on a pint of beer is about %20. but the markup on a pint of coke or lemonaid is massive. it costs the bar just 4pence per pint and they sell it at £2.00 so, to be honest, their profits were much bigger on our nights than most others. (also the prophets were better too... ;-)) The event isn't / wasn't meant to be for the Christians really, it was for the christians to bring a friend that wouldn't go to church with them.... but it was mostly christians that were coming regularly and so we had to make a new plan to reach the lost. I actually put the even on hold last november because we wanted to improve our houseband skills and release an album to use as a 'key' to getting into other venues in the city. we didn;t get much passing trade in the 'Smugglers' and thought it would be great to be in the town center where there are drunken rabbles passing by. there are plenty of opportunities to play here in Sunderland.... it's a massive live music hub for the North East of England. Nearly every bar and pub has a band on at least once a week. it would appear that the town has a regular feel to each night of the week as follows.... Monday = student night and cheap alcohol Tuesday = gay night / lesbian night (including men in dresses!!!) Wednesday = quiet night Thurdsay = Rock night Friday = get drunk night etc etc so, question is.... which night shall i take the gospel message to the town? ALL OF THEM I GUESS. Maybe you would like to do something like it near your home? it just takes a bit of practice and rather large ones...... but the joy of wrapping a night up and talking to people about God is lush. why not start at an open-mic night? just you and a guitar and perhaps an i-pod for trax?
which version?
RickBrock on Jan. 26th on Loop Requests
Mike, what percentage of the selling fee does the creator get? Thanks Rick
RCA is a domestic level (for hifi, DVD players and TV's etc) and is usually 10Db higher than 'line' level which is higher again that mic level. I expect you will need to drop the level coming out of the TRS. you can literally do this by turning the output level very very low (not ideal at all) or by putting a 30Db 'pad' on the line as soon as you can before the DI box. There could be a 'pad' button on a piece of equipment that drops the level down. (mixer desK or DI box - have a look) OR, does the TRS have a signal level change option? If you are sending a 'high' power signal to the audio desk, then that should be 'line' and go into a Jack socket. If you have DI'd without padding the signal then it is likely to be an XLR that you are plugging into the sound desk... that will be 'mic' level and WILL distort. What level are you mastering your loops/ click too? is it Zero on the scale? do you know what scale you are using? dBFS, VU, BBC? PPM's Digital???? they are all different and very frustrating. http://www.audiorecording.me/what-is-the-difference-between-dbfs-vu-and-... has a helpful guide to outputting digital / analogue audio. and http://www.performanceaudio.com/buy/Pro_Co/MAX30/2878 is an inline pad you may like did that help? if not then post some more info and together we shall serve the Lord. Cheers Rick
yeah, gotta love the TC voice live ..... a whole set of BV's (and you don't need to feed or pay them either)
Hi KP, i think, other than cutting holes in your guitar, then another couple of foot pedals would be just as good,, no? but, you may need to sit down.... too many foot triggers and all that..... nothing worse than trying to get to two triggers at once then realising you've just lost balance. I tried it with the kick and HH=pedal on the floor in front of me for a while. that worked, but distracted me from the performance. if you did go for this idea then perhaps you could add a socket to carry all 5 signals from teh guitar and then split it after it's on the floor. who wants 3 wires hanging out their guitar? http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/xlr-connectors/0166226/ just a thought....
RickBrock on Jan. 23rd