Wade Huggins
Im a worship pastor from Texas and I run the LC blog. I love equipping worship leaders with helpful resources and information. Been using loops since 2009.
Location: Athens, TX
Church: FBC Athens

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What's the status on the looptimus? When will we get them?

Matt, can you possibly do a video for folks on how you set up your scenes in the SoftStep Editor. It's a complex application with so much that it can be very confusing. I've been frustrated trying to get my softstep set up adequately. I have no issues with how to use it in Ableton, that's easy and straitforward, but the Editor is confusing the "youknowwhat" out of me. Any help would be amazing. I've contacted the support folks at KeithMcMillan and they haven't been too helpful yet.
rwh05g on Jun. 17th on Softstep woes. . .
I am having trouble getting the sample library for cues to work in ableton. I can see and edit the drum rack but I am getting no sound. Where do the samples go?
rwh05g on Jun. 14th on Band Cues
Are you talking about editing loops beforehand or during a set? I use Sir McCoy's set up in the same way that I have all the songs in one file but I edit the individual loop files in a master file and bounce the .wav file to pull into my "Sir McCoy" set file. That way I keep the loops I want, how i want them in that file in the form of .wav. For example, this week we are doing Holy by Matt Redman. I don't need the electric guitar parts, or the piano parts from the loop file from loopcommunity. But I just opened the file and created my own loop using all of the instrumentation that i wanted along with the cues and boom, it's done. Drop it into my McCoy master loops file and hit play. Perhaps I misunderstood your question though. Are you wanting to give your sound guy 5 different channels for all the loops in a file? It seems easier to me to make one file that is mixed to your specs and send that one file back to the soundboard.