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Hi Scott - thanks for your feedback on my tracks! Yes - JT's Can't stop the feeling has done reasonably well - 5 copies sold so far (~1 month).

Jason_Prior on Aug. 1st

Absolutely. Thanks for using it!!

Scott_Anderson on Sep. 23rd

Your loop for Broken Things is a GREAT loop!!!! Thank you so much for composing.

FaithMontoursville on Sep. 21st

I sent you an email, let me know if there is anything else you need.

Worshipman937 on Jul. 17th

I have a file ready for you. I just need to know where to send it.

Scott_Anderson on Jul. 14th

I will look at it later today. I'm in a session right now. But I can get something to you tonight. Did you already buy the track? Why don't you email me here.

Scott_Anderson on Jul. 14th

C would work, I can warp it up 4 to E. Let me know if you think that would sound funny. I don't need acoustic or main electric, mostly the digital sounds, added percussion and pads.

Worshipman937 on Jul. 14th

Tom, I have it in C for when I have a girl lead. Do you need it higher or lower? I can get it E but I think some of the tracks might sound funny. Do you need the guitars? Because I can get the MIDI there no problem.

Scott_Anderson on Jul. 13th