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Hey Steve,

I was also wondering if you would be able to transpose the track for Merideth Andrews version of "Open up the Heavens". D to Bb is quite a few steps to start warping those sounds without some loss in quality. If so let me know. ryland.russell@cbcowasso dot org

rylandrussell on Aug. 18th

I'm unable to do that in the near future Chasenc sorry. Could you just warp it with ableton or are you not using that?

sjbusch on Jun. 10th

Hey Man I'm needing a track in Bb for Open Up The Heavens by Meredith Andrews. Is there any way you could change that key this week?

Chasenc on Jun. 10th

Cool tracks man!

mattmccoy on Mar. 26th

sunset: All of the VCB MultiTracks are available for purchase here:

mattmccoy on Feb. 6th

I'm a VCB "Insider" and was hoping you could help me out...The WL Bundle didn't come with multitracks; would you mind bouncing me down JUST the loop/perc. parts so our band could do the song proper?
Thanks for your consideration!

sumset on Feb. 6th

BRANNON!! Dude, I was just listening to you on iTunes with Rick James the other night. You doing good? I rarely log into LC. You using it in your services? Tweet me or text me sometime.

sjbusch on Nov. 7th

You too Matt. Really great to meet you officially and get to know you a bit. Thanks for the training!

sjbusch on Nov. 7th