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I just saw these posts so I apologize for the delay. I emailed support and they said they uploaded a fixed file. Delete the initial version from your device and re-download the updated file.

Hope that works,

StevenThompson on Apr. 22nd

I purchased the multitrack of "We Could Change the World" and can't get it to play in Prime on my iPad. It doesn't even show the tracks on the left side of the screen. Suggestions?

sray61 on Feb. 13th

Hey Steve! I love your loop for We Could Change the World! I purchased the Logic file and downloaded the zip. Opened it up on Logic Pro X and it said several files were missing. The Ultrabeat Samples INTRO.wav, and VERSE.wav for starters, then the Vox#01.aif, BG1#01.aif, BG Low#01,We Could Change the World_4#01.aif, We Could Change the World (A).caf, We Could Change the World (A).wav, We Could Change the World (A).aif, We Could Chang the World (A)_1.wav, We Could Change he World (A).aiff,, Drums.aif,Tambourine.aif, Hihat.aif, Kick.aif, Tamb.aif

Ihbc_WAM on Jan. 21st