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Hi Chris, thanks for the complement! Sure, I can do my best to dig them up. Which ones in particular were you looking at? I used some analog gear for some of them so they might not be reproducable.

Adam_Kimura on Nov. 11th

I noticed it had come back failed. This one is seeming to go through? let me know if you have it

tsho08 on Oct. 5th

what's your email? I'll resend the files!

tsho08 on Sep. 30th

Hey Chris I don't have my music hard drive with me right now, but I will check that out tonight. I thought they should all have exported but I'll double check this evening.

tsho08 on Sep. 24th

Hey man!
If you purchase the multitrack, you can transpose all the melodic stems down 2 semitones in your DAW and you'll have it in A!
Thank you for supporting my page!

- Alex Burleson

alex_burleson on Jan. 15th

Hey thanks Andrew! I appreciate your encouragement and I LOVE Jesus Paid It All too! especially the powerful Bridge! I'd love to throw you a chord chart! Do you have an email I can send it to?

paulthebrown on Sep. 18th

Sure thing man! Let me open up the session and I'll send you the preset and the midi data in the a.m. and I'll send it to you. What's your email

audiblelighthouse on Jul. 28th

Hey man! Thanks for your comment. Which key would work best? I can possibly throw one of them on tonight - not sure how long it'll take to make it on the site. You're talking about the dubstep version with the longer intro, right? Peace!

musicmanp5 on Jul. 7th