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Hey Taylor! I downloaded your string worship pad which said it was compatible with Ableton Live 9. When I open it I'm getting an error message that states "The set contains features which are limited or unavailable in Live 9. The Operator Instrument and Tension Instrument are unavailable." Can you help with this?

rhincephalon on Nov. 10th

Cody Rogers pointed to your way and I just purchased It's Who You Are. Thanks for your work on the loop.

chromejhawk on Sep. 25th

hey man, love your work! Is there any way i could purchase your individual drum samples in your 2nd soundpark link over there "DRUM LOOPS" Want to be able to load them individually into drum machine to be played live. My name is Ernie.

ernie on Sep. 5th

Hi i recently purchased soft pad and and slow pad, i have ableton 9 suite and i cant seem to duplicate the same sound or make is sound as nice as the sample that i listened too before purchasing. Any advice?

LiveAlive88 on Sep. 1st

Have you tried warping it in either Ableton or Prime?

taylorholt on Apr. 8th

I recently bought your track for "This Is Amazing Grace" by Bethel Worship in Bb. Its awesome! But I was wondering if I could get it at 104bpm, instead of 99bpm? Thanks!

mbowman09 on Apr. 7th

Thanks man! I really appreciate it!

taylorholt on Jul. 13th

I love the worship pads man. I bought 4 of them and I use them all regularly in a Sunday morning service. Very usable with worship songs. Feeling blessed that patches of this quality are available for that price! Keep it up!

joelrowsell on Jul. 12th