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It says i'm not authorized to see "how can it be" i'm trying to purchase to perform tonight. can you help me?

3cworship on Mar. 27th


feinbergpaul on Mar. 3rd

Hi Scott, another newbie here. We downloaded your Rejoice the Lord is King loop - great tracks! We're having problems getting the entire track to play. The song is 3:40 but the tracks only play to 2:20. Can you help?

pvertucci on Nov. 19th

Yo! I just want to say you do a fantastic job with all the loops you produce. I really enjoy getting to here them. Keep it up! Thanks for being a loop community Contributor!

feinbergpaul on Sep. 26th

Hi Scott, I have a newbie question. I'd like to confirm I can use your loops with Abelton Live 8. Many thanks Dave

DAKeys on Nov. 26th

Hey Scott, I just bought The Stand loop for Reason 5. Great loop! I'm having trouble hearing anything but the piano in Reason 7. Can you give me some help please?

RiverRidge on Oct. 30th