Nascimento on Feb. 24th

I have downloaded the loop community pack a couple times, but it will not sound in Abelton live. It keeps saying media files missing. Could you give me some guidance on how to fix this.... thanks.

ChampCallahan on Oct. 16th

I was having some panning issues of my own last week (just purchased ableton) and found it was a settings issue. I am using a pretty run of the mill Toshiba but it had some surround sound and Toshiba settings auto set that caused things to bleed through. I turned off all of the effects and it now works as simple as the videos make it! Hopefully you have figured it out by now but thought I'd post nonetheless...

KyleFulks on Jul. 10th

How do you get the vocal cues to show up in your drum rack?

resync on Apr. 30th

I did a side-by-side with a bunch of interfaces a while back and found (surprisingly) that an Art USB Dual Pre (http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/USBDualPrePS/) sound better than a lot of more expensive interfaces. It's not much money and is dead simple.

mike on Oct. 11th

Unfortunately channel bleed is a common problem on headphone outputs and cheaper audio interfaces. A decent audio interface should solve them problem or even two cheaper ones (I can't afford a very nice multiple output interface, but do have a cheaper one i use for click and cues which just go to the iems, and another better one for stereo loop therefore there can't be any bleed between channels for just iems and channels that the congregation hear)

JakeHollebon on Oct. 11th

That's what I am facing, it seems to "bleed" into the other side even though I've panned to the extreme left and right. Yes, I'm using a mac. Any ways to solve this? It will be terrible for the crowd to hear the slightest cues.

donaldnwx on Oct. 11th

Just pan the cues and click left and the loop right. That will do a full split in your headphone out.

mike on Oct. 10th