Diagram on how to use Loops in worship

If it's a Stereo DI it could work.

mattmccoy on Jan. 11th

I have one of those DI boxes. It's there a way to make 1 work or do I have to have 2?

CaseyK on Jan. 11th

Can I download the ZIP files I have uploaded to cloud?

Edgar Garcia on Dec. 26th

Hey MacVicPro!

Currently, PRIME won't be able to snap to individual beats (only the downbeat). We're working to update this so that PRIME will support songs with tempo changes and meter changes. If a certain track doesn't sound correct with section markers, send us an email to support@loopcommunity.com and we'll check into that for you. Thanks so much!

JansonRoberts on Dec. 19th

How can i setup custom cues for a track? For example on the song "Resurrecting" by Elevation worship it starts the interlude on a 3 count but the edit marker only snap to the 1 count.

thefountainsfw on Dec. 18th

Absolutely - You can use a USB interface to send out your tracks in Stereo. Try the iConnectivity 4, which is iOS compatible.

mattmccoy on Nov. 28th

I bought master tracks, even uploaded my own. works great when pan option is set for click and cues to the left and the instruments to the right.
BUT!!! i want to be able to play these tracks without the click and cues in Stereo. All it does is put the same mono signal on both sides but there's no true stereo?????
this is a big deal for me. How can i get this thing to play in Stereo? is this possible? otherwise i will be extremely disappointed.

christiangrice on Nov. 26th

I am having difficulty getting the multitacks purchased from loop Community to Pan R and L in the mixer. I believe I have the correct set up. does Prime pan the multitrack . Does the Pan button in Prime work?

lambi on Nov. 20th