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PRIME does not send any MIDI out at the moment.

mattmccoy on May. 24th

Can Prime send any MIDI Out info. For instance, if I wanted to run my tracks from Prime using an interface like the iConnect Audio but also have it send a MIDI playback cue to a Mac running Ableton for things like lyric cues, etc, could this be done?

doerrjams on May. 23rd

Hey Ryan,

You should make sure you're using an iOS-compatible interface before using the Multiple Output feature. Something like the iConnectivity iConnectAudio4+ will be great!

JansonRoberts on May. 10th

Does the Multi-Out function work with any interface, or is it only compatible with certain interfaces?

ryan.jackson@cr... on May. 9th

Please perform the following troubleshooting steps:
1.) Plug in a pair of Apple headphones and see if you still hear the click bleed. If not, then it has something to do with the way you're sending audio to your sound system.
2.) Check your iOS Settings / General / Accessibility and make sure "Mono Audio" is turned OFF.
3.) Tap the "ST / PAN" button in PRIME and see if that makes a difference.
4.) Turn down the gain on your sound system mixer. Sometimes if the gain is too high on the Click channel, the click can bleed into other channels.
5.) Try different cables. Make sure you're not using any adapters.

mattmccoy on Apr. 12th

ChrisCanning - 1) the iPad option next to the master track must be in Pan mode. 2) Check that the cable from the iPad isn't a dual-mono "splitter". There are some cables like that. You can usually tell by the 1/8" plug - it should have 2 black rings like the one in the picture above. If it only has one ring, it's just taking a mono signal at duplicating it, so you would need to buy a new cable. 3) can't thing of anything else...

Jason_Prior on Apr. 11th

I have tried for a couple hours, and I can't seem to get the tracks and cues/clicks to split.... I have it going from sterio1/8- 2x mono 1/4"- DI boxes-mixer, just like the above diagram. It doesn't matter weather its in ST or PAN, Nothing seems to stop all of it from being in both channels. I am using an iPad 2 if that makes a difference. Any help would be great!

ChrisCanning on Apr. 10th

Hey JasonRoberts (reply on April 5th)
I don't have option to reply to your reply so hopefully people will that this.
I can in fact confirm (for those interested) that when a class compliant interface is connected, tracks can be routed to any output on that interface, as many as 16 stereo tracks per song! By default click will appear left on a stereo buss but when you're in output config, change that to mono and it can be routed to a single buss.
Of course you could stick with mono (click left, track right) operation and keep it simpler, but for me this perfect as my stereo mix downs remain!

The only thing I found that when tracks were playing while I was routing, the iPad RAM sounded like it was having a 'mare and everything slowed down with a "glitching" sound. Closing the app and just playing, no fiddling with routing hasn't resulted in this (yet)
So if that is it, I cannot recommend this app and service highly enough. Amazing work! This saves me A LOT of hassle and learning of Ableton Live/Qlab etc.

welshsteve on Apr. 5th