Diagram on how to use Loops in worship

Hey welshsteve,

In PRIME, if you're running the tracks from the headphone jack out, tapping the PAN button will consolidate both L and R channels into one group, then push that stereo signal through the right channel. If you tap ST instead of PAN, then the audio that's panned to the left channel will come through only the left channel. An example of this would be using the electric guitar stems where there are left and right amps recorded into a single audio stem.

The same results go for using an interface to run multiple outputs. If you tap "mono" for that channel, both the left and right channels are grouped into one and bussed through that designated channel. If you tap "stereo", you'll need another output to hear the left channel of the guitar tracks as well as the right channel. This is bussed into outputs 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc. Hope this all makes sense. =)

JansonRoberts on Apr. 5th

Hey TKontheBASS,

If you can get that to work and have no grounding issues or anything else, should work fine! =)

JansonRoberts on Apr. 5th

Am I right to believe that all tracks, even if they are stereo, will be summed into mono? Even if there's an external interface with multiple outputs. Panning of effects and sounds is big thing for me, though mixing on the fly is great feature of this app no doubt. But I am a total sound nerd and hate mono tracks.

welshsteve on Apr. 4th

Can't I just use an 1/8" to (2) XLR splitter and go directly to my Audio mixer instead of having to use (2) DI boxes? I don't see the point...?

TKontheBASS on Mar. 15th

If it's a Stereo DI it could work.

mattmccoy on Jan. 11th

I have one of those DI boxes. It's there a way to make 1 work or do I have to have 2?

CaseyK on Jan. 11th

Can I download the ZIP files I have uploaded to cloud?

Edgar Garcia on Dec. 26th

Hey MacVicPro!

Currently, PRIME won't be able to snap to individual beats (only the downbeat). We're working to update this so that PRIME will support songs with tempo changes and meter changes. If a certain track doesn't sound correct with section markers, send us an email to support@loopcommunity.com and we'll check into that for you. Thanks so much!

JansonRoberts on Dec. 19th