Diagram on how to use Loops in worship

I am having difficulty getting the multitacks purchased from loop Community to Pan R and L in the mixer. I believe I have the correct set up. does Prime pan the multitrack . Does the Pan button in Prime work?

lambi on Nov. 20th

I have everything hooked up just like the diagram, but only click track and clues come out.

jmcgraw22 on Nov. 10th

Yes! If you're using our App PRIME, you can use a USB interface like the iConnect

mattmccoy on Nov. 8th

Hi LC, is there a way to output the loop in stereo from iPad?

guysuizo on Nov. 7th

I'm going through my iPad into a powered speaker and the volume level Is really low? Am I missing something?

beckyhughes on Oct. 1st

I'm using the Prime app running on an iPad and the volume it puts out is very low when listening on my headphones, despite having the 'headphones' volume turned all the way up on the iPad and the 'Master' slider volume control maxed to the right. Is there another setting to modify the volume?

dysong1 on Sep. 1st

OK, so I have the exact same hardware as shown in the diagram only I'm using an Ipad 2 - no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the click separated from the multi-tracks.....Pan button on/off - it doesnt matter.....I have a 1/8 to 1/4 mono split cable and a 1/8 to XLR split cable, neither is working......is there an internal setting within the Ipad that I'm missing???? Any help would be appreciated - have a very big New year's event where I'm planning on using the tracks and I can't have the click feeding FOH.....

carvinate on Dec. 26th

I use Loops on an iPad mini and out the phone jack with a 3.5mm to a split XLR (2) male ends in to the snake. I haven't needed to use the DI boxes, the signal is strong and clean. Is there a reason I should still be using DI boxes if it works without?

chromejhawk on Sep. 25th