Excelente, muchas gracias por la información

kayros72 on Oct. 20th

Just starting here. I drug over the cues and the stereo file. However the cues are not lining up with the stereo file with any of the songs. Any tips?

thevista on May. 12th

We have a few videos on Arrangement View if you check our Youtube page.

mattmccoy on Mar. 3rd

Would love to see a video of how to get started arrangement view from scratch.

wmogburn on Mar. 3rd

Wow D+D+D+D+D+

Nascimento on Feb. 23rd

Hey Matt loving the tutorials! Is there a way to transition scenes (songs) seamlessly in session view?

And is there a way to repeat sections, so that it will trigger not on the next beat but at the end of the current section?


jamesjangaudio on Oct. 28th

Hey Matt, for some reason my cues won't line up with the loop. Not sure what's causing the problem.

THeck on Jun. 17th

How come I can't drag my files over like the example you are showing? When I try to drag cues or loops I get the no can do sign.

kylek005 on Dec. 18th