So we use Ableton on a PC with USB to interface already. We now wanted to try an IPad to use Prime app for quick and easy setup BUT the USB coupler we bought to connect from IPad lighting out did not let the interface become recognized in the Prime app. Any help with connecting IPad. Thanks

Gbcfwt on Sep. 15th

Referring back to Guitarforme on june 18th. I don't understand the need for the DI box, why a 1/4 to XLR cable would not work?

jessiehoweth on Nov. 15th

How would I use this set up with the looptimus controller since my USB port would be taken up by sending it to the audio interface ?? Would I just get a USB hub with one USB cord going to the interface and the other going to the controller?

voxman on Oct. 22nd

This is super expensive for all that hardware... is there no other alternative? We're using the PRIME app now for mixing but for many reasons (particularly individual monitor levels) we want to go to using Ableton Live to mix in multiple channels, but I don't think I can justify the price tag.

RustyJ on Apr. 27th

Can I use the headphone out from the interface for my in ear monitors and use one of the inputs on the interface for my mix from the monitor board?

parkergins on Jul. 18th

Thanks for info! Have a question. What would be better for live performance in church?: FOCUSRITE Saffire PRO 24 DSP (6 Outputs, thunderbolt connection and DSP processor), or Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL?

timslife on Jun. 24th

A DI does more than simply convert unbalanced to balanced. You're not likely to blow anything up with modern equipment, but long term the wear and tear on your console and equipment is not good. Also - if you have a poorly shielded snake, you could experience bleed into other channels sending a line-level signal alongside mic-level signals.

mike on Jun. 18th

One question maybe I'm missing it, Aren't most D/A outputs balanced? Why would you need a DI? Wouldn't you just need a TRS to XLR?

guitarsforme on Jun. 18th