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Hey Travis, I downloaded your on top of the world app and doesnt seem to open on logic pro, whats wrong?

MickyP123 on Aug. 3rd

Ok... let's try this one more time:

sumset on Oct. 5th


Question: Are you using that voice for any songs in particular or just a certain "feel"? THANKS!

sumset on Sep. 30th

Hey, sorry to harp on this, but any chance you have looked into this issue yet?!
Dying to use this voice.

sumset on Sep. 30th

Were you able to check on these files yet?!

sumset on Sep. 26th

Hey, I purchased your Kontact Arp Pad Patch and there are no loadable files. Please double check and let me know if I'm missing something or if you can get me the correct files. THANKS!

sumset on Sep. 24th

I figured out the FM PUMP BASS problem. it was an easy fix on my end. I've read your response regarding the Anchor Piano Air Pad and I still can't get that one to work. I'm using MainStage 3 and I can't find anything to change the keyboard. Has anyone gotten it to work?

joshfehlen on Aug. 9th

Hey man. I bought you FM PUMP BASS sound and your Anchor Piano Air Pad and both of them don't seem to work. I noticed a lot of people have been having problems with your uploads based on the past posts. Is there a solution?

joshfehlen on Aug. 9th