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Hey man. I bought you FM PUMP BASS sound and your Anchor Piano Air Pad and both of them don't seem to work. I noticed a lot of people have been having problems with your uploads based on the past posts. Is there a solution?

joshfehlen on Aug. 9th

Awesome, thank you. I'll try it out.

themaxfray on Feb. 26th

Hey Travis, I downloaded your Anchor patch as well and loaded it up and I'm not getting any sound. Can you help?

themaxfray on Feb. 25th

I just sent you the answer on your profile.

tsho08 on Feb. 5th

I'm working from MainStage with the Anchor Piano Air Pad. I have other patches with layers on top of keyboard on MainStage, but when I open your patch it doesn't have any layers or signal. The channel strip shows the names of the setting, but they don't produce any sound.

I downloaded all additional content for MainStage and logic, but that didn't help.

I don't think it has to do with the wrong keyboard.

kennethchristian on Feb. 5th

Hey man, I bought Anchor Piano Air Pad., but can't seem to get it working on MainStage or Logic. Is there something I'm missing?

kennethchristian on Feb. 5th

Hey Travis,

Bought your anchor piano pad for mainstage and every time I load it...I get no sound. What am I doing wrong or any other plugins I need to load into mainstage 3?


made2worship on Nov. 28th

Yes the Relentless Remix was primarily Omnisphere

garysexton on Oct. 8th