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Put some auto tune on the fretless bass or go fretted makes it hard to warp

lorenmiller on Jul. 9th

Hey there,
I bought Lord I Need You and I believe the file is corrupt/broken. It doesn't work and loading it makes PRIME crash for me. Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!

kilod0g on Dec. 26th

I bought your Joy To The World (Unspeakable Joy) by Chris Tomlin. Your song map says "Standard" so i thought it would just like the original only to find out it doesn't have the change key in the middle. Would have helped if it was noted in the description.

tataogaro on Dec. 10th

Never mind my last post, I had Auto-wrap turned on.

samup4web on Jul. 27th

Hi, I bought Amazing Grace My Chains Are gone and the files doesn't sync in Ableton. How can I get it to work? I expected the files to sync by default.

samup4web on Jul. 27th

I bought Glorious Day multi tracks and I found that the backing vocals for verse two are incorrectly pasted into verse 3. Might want to sing that 3rd verse! Otherwise it sounds great! Thank you WBB

jonroise on Mar. 25th

Question regarding Our God Saves loop. I'd love to have a split of the E guitar parts and the Acoustic guitar. Is it possible to get that? I purchased the track hoping they'd be separate.

toddlaird on Feb. 5th

Are the loud and abrupt 'fuzz' noises in the loop for 'Here I Am To Worship' there if I were to pay for the track?

ronaldfosterjr on Jun. 11th