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Hi Zach,
I was possibly going to purchase your track for I see Heaven by the Torwalt's. I noticed when I listened that the the track started but there was no sound until 48 seconds into the track? Also I was wondering if I would be able to change keys once its downloaded or if I purchase in F is it only in F? I was needing it in E.

Thank you!

APoxfordWorship on Sep. 19th

Hi Zach,
I was wondering if there's any chance to get the no other name updated with drums? We've been using the track for a year now but we won't have a drummer for a few weeks so could you add drums? It would be such a support for us.

Tabea :)

tabeahrzibek on Jun. 29th

Hey Zach, I just bought your loop for Good Good Father, but the timing is weird. It's most notable coming out of the first chorus into V2, it doesn't line up with my click (assuming your listed tempo is correct). Let me know if you have any thoughts! Thanks.

daltgreiner on Jul. 30th

Do you mind emailing them to me. I need them tonight! mike AT


mikewatson on Jun. 9th

Hey Zach,

I just bought the Multitrack for your Good Good Father in A. It's missing the percussion and pads. All that came with it after I un-zipped was Bass, Click, Cues, and Keys. Should there be other instruments as well?

mikewatson on Jun. 9th

no, I was using iTunes. Appreciate the advice. I'll see what I can figure out without taking too much of your time. I was just trying for the simplest solution where I could download the split and hit play. Thanks for your time and for getting back with me. I know I have a ton to learn here. Thanks for your patience. I have logic and I think I understand that I can download a multi-track as opposed to the split and choose what I want to use. In the past I bought the split, dowloaded it, put it in iTunes, split the signal out of the mac, turned down the cue track in the mains and up in the aviom. Worked great and was simple. Any pointers?

- erik

ehfletch on Jun. 3rd

Hey Erik!

I'd just buy the one I have on here and just transpose it in prime. Are you using Prime to play them back?

zachbuckner on Jun. 3rd

Zach, I'm going to be out of town for over a week. I'm needing to have the split tracks ready on Monday 6.15.15 for a rehearsal I have that evening. At this point, I'm hoping you can come through for me. If you don't have time, I understand but please let me know if you don't intend on adding the transposed key so I can go a different route.

Thanks for the earlier replies.


ehfletch on Jun. 3rd